Griffith Green Electrics (GGE) has been involved in the supply and install of small scale wind turbines since 2007.  Many of our wind turbines have been installed on yacht’s, caravans, holiday homes and communication towers.

Due to our knowledge and experience in the Wind Energy field, we have also been contracted to install several large scale R&D wind turbine installations.  Wind turbines are an important addition to a reliable remote area power system when combined with solar and diesel generator.

Due to great cost reductions in solar power in recent years, wind energy on a small scale is not comparable in ROI.  As a niche market, there are also current challenges with the supply and warranty of many wind turbines.

In our installation experience, we have found the Whisper and Air turbines to prove themselves in performance and reliability.


When it comes to Wind Energy, we offer services in:
  • Wind turbine and tower installation,
  • Site wind monitoring services,
  • Wind turbine maintenance schedules, servicing, parts;
  • Consulting regarding design and product suitability.